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Outdoor Lantern Manufacturer

1. Professional Designing Experience of colors, sizes, shapes, and packages
2. To produce high quality products, to serve our customers better is our permanent pursuit.
3. Original Manufacturer with Competitive Prices and Unique designs

Leading Outdoor Lantern Manufacturer Since 2001

Wholesale Outdoor Lantern

search our wholesale lantern collection for the perfect fit for your store. We offer small, large, seasonal, everyday, indoor and outdoor lanterns at best prices and with best quality. Search our wholesale lantern collection for the perfect fit for your store.
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Still not finding what you're looking for? Contact our consultants for more available products.

Outdoor Lantern Manufacturer

Hanko is a leading manufacturer of outdoor lantern lights with 21 years experience. We offer best quality outdoor solar lanterns, outdoor garden lanterns and solar candles with creative designs and fine materials. 

Full set of certification

Nevertheless, customers should be confident in using Hanko's Garden Lights items, because they are made from high quality materials with ROHS/REACH certified.

Nice design with good quality

Our fine quality Solar outdoor Lanterns are with nice design, with fine quality, and they are portable, easy to use, for outdoor use, suitable & ideal to decorate your dream garden, and could match your garden furniture well.

Many different types of Outdoor Lanterns

We have many different types of Outdoor Lanterns --- Solar metal Lanterns, Solar electric lanternRattan Outdoor Lanterns, Solar Glass Lanterns, Solar Metal Wire Lanterns, etc...


More and more new garden lanterns will be designed and developed and manufactured by Hanko. And more and more wholesellers and importers love to work with us, since we welcome their own new designs / new ideas, and we could only produce for them.
If you want more information, please contact us.

Customize From OEM Outdoor Lantern Manufacturer

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Outdoor Lantern Shapes

Our outdoor lantern come in various shapes, for example: pineapple lantern outdoor, square outdoor lantern, outdoor globe lantern etc., to cater to different style performance. You can also opt for a outdoor lantern design.
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Outdoor Lantern Material

The main materials of our outdoor lantern are metal and plastic. We produce outdoor plastic lantern and solar metal lantern to replace some of the wooden lanterns and bamboo lantern in the market, so as to avoid mildew, discoloration and other problems after outdoor use. Our outdoor lantern is waterproof, sunscreen, mildew proof, environmentally friendly and can be used for a long time.
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Outdoor Lantern Sizes

As the first manufacturer in the world to develop and produce a number of outdoor lantern, we have a big family of sizes: mini outdoor lantern, small outdoor lantern , medium outdoor lantern , large outdoor lantern etc., larger or smaller custom size are also available.
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Outdoor Lantern Power supply

We provide various types of outdoor lantern:outdoor lantern set which will automatically lighting up at night and turn off at dawn; outdoor electric lantern which could be both for indoor and outdoor use , and USB outdoor lantern; outdoor lantern with timer funtcion which is not only easy and convenient for consumers to use, but also helps energy saving ; outdoor lantern with flameless candle, no fire, no smoke, no heat, safe enough to use in different places / occasions etc.
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Outdoor Lantern Color / Finish options

We provide a wide selection of color/ finish options including imitation of natural wood grain, brushed finish with a natural appearance and texture feeling, as well as gold outdoor lantern, black outdoor lantern, red outdoor lantern and white outdoor lantern etc., following customer demand and market trends. Our design team is always available to help you find the perfect finish.
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Outdoor Lantern Package

We support professional packaing customization: colour box, colour display box , window box, mail box , hangtag, professional instruction manuals and so on, catering to any business needs.
  • Hanko outdoor garden lanterns are generally made of environment-friendly PE imitation cane or iron. The use of these materials brings advanced texture to the lantern.
    It is a wise choice to use this garden lamp in home and garden decoration.
    As an outdoor solar garden lamp, it uses LED flameless candles. The light source of this product is solar candle. It can absorb solar energy during the day to charge the battery and automatically light up at night. At the same time, the design of the handle also broadens its application scenario, which is very suitable for families, outdoors, festivals and various activities
    It is a wise choice to use this black garden lantern for home and courtyard decoration.
    As an outdoor Solar Garden Light, it uses LED flameless candles. The light source of this product is a solar candle. It can absorb solar energy during the day to charge the battery and light it automatically at night. At the same time, the design of the handle also broadens its application scene, which is very suitable for home, outdoor, festivals and various activities.
  • ● high efficiency solar panels
    ● overall waterproof design
    ● automatic lighting design
    ● corrosion protection
    ● switch design
    ● Ni MH rechargeable battery, environmentally friendly
    ● various sizes to meet different application scenarios
    ● multiple shapes to choose from

Why choose Outdoor Lantern From Hanko?

Innovative design

a)Garden lights design from concept to commercialization

Our expert team of designers provide complete solutions from an ideal to a complete product presentation , catering to any business needs. Combining product design and current popularity , keeping up with global trends, they work with you to create the perfect outdoor lantern design​ for your product in order to win the target market.

b)Garden lights turnkey decorating

Teaming up with the design team, our skilled engineer translate the design concepts and turn them into reality. Utilizing various weaving techniques and surface treatment, they create more natural modern outdoor lantern. All the materials we used are environmentally friendly and suitable for outdoor use . This makes us stand out from other similar products, and get your target market’s attention.

c)Boost your brand with unique outdoor lantern design

Branding is an important factor of any business, and having a customized design on outdoor lantern lights is an impacting way to boost a brand. we develop over 100 new items of solar garden lights each year.

Real Outdoor Lantern Factory in China Since 2001

  • Hanko is an ISO9000 certified outdoor lantern factory with advanced production lines and 21 years of outdoor lantern exporters experience. Hanko covers an area of 20,000 square meters, including hardware workshop, plastic injection workshop, electronics workshop, assembling workshop, packing workshop, and large warehouse. We are working with different importers / wholesalers from all over the world, meeting customers' high quality requirements and unique design.You can trust us to choose Hanko as your OEM outdoor lantern lights factory. Welcome to visit our factory.

Quality Control At Hanko

Hanko is manufacturing professionals, which is why we have a department specializing in quality control to guarantee the quality of the products that we provide. Our quality control and manufacturing departments work in tandem in each and every phase and process, including the welding, assembling, weaving, inspecting and packaging process — together they ensure the quality of the final products.

Outdoor Lantern Suppliers In China

As one of China’s most experienced wholesale outdoor lantern manufacturers and exporters, Hanko can provide you with affordable outdoor lantern guaranteed to be of high quality. Our solar outdoor lantern lights come in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and shapes to accommodate every client’s different requirements. Our experts can also help in creating your custom solar outdoor lantern if you have other special requests. You just need to contact us so we can discuss your options in detail.

Complete Qualification

We gain many of the necessary certificates & qualification, such as CE, ROHS, ISO9001, BSCI etc., our Solar Lights, outdoor solar lanterns, led candles, Solar Rattan Lanterns, solar garden light could enter different countries / markets smoothly, especially in North American countries and European countries.

Advanced Patents

For many brand new items of our solar landscape lightings/ solar candles / solar garden lights, we are proud to say that we’re the first designer / manufacturer in the world, and we have a lot of patents (Utility Model patent, and Design patent) in China, which could protect us and our clients from copying. Currently we noticed that some factories / companies are copying some of our creative solar rattan lanterns and solar led flameless candles, we’ll have to take some actions to protect our legal rights.

Concerning The Factory Audit

Hanko is an outdoor lantern exporter with over 20 years of export experience to  Europe / North America markets, BSCI audited, and ISO 9001 approved, Quality Assurance, social & environmental, SCAN Security etc., with perfect internal management system, you can be assured to choose us to be your supplier.

Part of Our Clients

Product FAQ

  • The answer is yes. Outdoor lantern lights can be used outdoors. They do not need to replace the battery. At the same time, they are waterproof at IP44 level. Hanko's solar rattan lantern outdoor and outdoor modern lantern series are your best choice.
  • For outdoor lantern lighting, waterproof is really a problem we care about. Hanko's outdoor solar lantern is waterproof at IP44 level or above. In terms of material, we'd better choose outdoor lanterns made of anti-corrosion materials. The metal iron is used as the frame of the outdoor metal lantern, and the exterior is with Powder Coating process to prevent water and corrosion. The environmental protection PE rattan is used for the outdoor rattan lantern, which has the same appearance as the real rattan, and is also waterproof and corrosion resistant.
  • You can place the battery operated lanterns beside your table, tea table and stove. They can bring you a warm atmosphere. Not only indoors, our battery operated lanterns can be used outdoors, too. We also recommend our outdoor solar lanterns for courtyards, they do not need to change the battery, they will automatically charge during the day and light up at night. You can hang outdoor led lantern on a tree, place outdoor metal lantern on a picnic mat or place them anywhere in your garden. In addition, it is also a very good suggestion to place the large outdoor lanterns on the steps / stairs in front of your door.

  • Generally speaking, we do not recommend using wood lanterns as outdoor decoration, because wood will be moth eaten and corroded after being used outdoors for a long time, which is not durable. We recommend you to choose professional outdoor lantern lighting. You can choose solar iron lanterns and solar rattan lanterns (PE rattan). They are not only beautiful in appearance, but also more durable.

  • Hanko is a factory specializing in the production of outdoor lantern. R&D and production of outdoor solar iron lanterns is our strength. This iron lantern adopts the powder coating process, which sprays and heats plastic powder on the surface of the iron parts of the solar metal lantern. This spraying process has a much longer lifetime than the finished product made by the painting process, and has strong surface adhesion. Resistant, prevent burning, can protect metal surfaces for a longer time, and is safer and more environmentally friendly.

    The advantages of this powder coating process make it much easier for us to clean outdoor iron lanterns. You can directly wipe them with a soft towel or wash them gently with clean water, do not use concentrated lye.
  • Outdoor decorative lanterns can be bought anywhere, if you want to buy lanterns with a sense of design and high quality. Hanko's outdoor products can meet your needs.

    Hanko is a factory with 21 years of manufacturing experience, specializing in the research and development and production of outdoor lanterns. The manufacture of outdoor lanterns is Hanko's strong point. Here you can find a wide variety of outdoor lanterns with unique shapes and designs.

    These lanterns create an enchanting atmosphere by decorating various outdoor spaces, and the beautiful reflections of their unique shapes allow us to enjoy the beauty of the sight and the warmth of the atmosphere at all times.

    It can be the "illuminator" in your secret garden, the "eye-catcher" by your pool, and an integral part of your outdoor furniture.
  • Outdoor lanterns are mostly used for decoration, creating a charming atmosphere and a beautiful sight. So how do we use outdoor lanterns for decoration? Below we give some opinions from the use of different places:

    For table decoration
    Occasional family and friends gatherings, dinners, and parties are inevitable. At this time, in order to create a beautiful atmosphere, decorative lights have become an indispensable object. Decorating the dining table with decorative lights, whether it is warm yellow light or fresh white light, will bring a different atmosphere to our party. The overall arrangement on the table does not need to be too complicated. The tablecloth, decorative lanterns, and the corresponding plates and knives and forks are simple and uncomplicated. In other words, minimalism is complexity.

    For path decoration
    At night, on the way home in the garden or on the stairs, if you can put decorative lanterns in an orderly manner, it will not only play a role of embellishment, but also play the role of shimmering light, just like a guide, Light the way for people. Everyone likes beautiful things, and in such a warm atmosphere, a lot of fatigue will surely be removed.
  • Outdoor decorative lanterns are mostly solar powered, not limited by power source, and different from decorative light strings, it is an independent individual, you can hang it anywhere according to your needs, such as hanging on trees, hanging on fences, Hanging in an outdoor gazebo..... It's all thanks to the fact that these lanterns have handles on their own. And of course if you want to hang the LED lantern, you can also choose to use a rope to hang it wherever you want. All in all, it's easy to do without difficulty.

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