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Wedding Lighting Guide

Wedding Lighting Guide

We hope to make it more unforgettable. Follow us and take you to explore more layout methods to make your wedding scene romantic and warm.

Rope lamp

If it is an outdoor wedding scene, hemp rope lamp will be a very suitable choice. In the evening, as the sky darkened, dozens of lamp beads were distributed everywhere like fireflies. We can put them on the table, and then put some wine bottles and glasses appropriately. The warm light reflects the color of red wine, which will be very dreamy. We can also wrap them around trees or hang them on the eaves to decorate your building.       


Electronic candle

Candles are standard for weddings. White wedding dress and white candles represent the purity and beauty of love. More and more people choose to attend the wedding outdoors, but there will be a problem when using candles outdoors. If there is wind, the candles may be blown out, which we don't want to happen. Electronic candle can solve this problem well. It has the same appearance and function as candle, but it is more durable and safer than real candle. Placing electronic candles beside your dining table and corridor window can make the wedding elegant and full of new ideas.


Wedding lantern

Lanterns are also decorations that often appear on grand occasions. We can choose to place electronic candles inside the lanterns, which can not only play a decorative role, but also play a lighting effect. It is a good choice to place it in the corridor or hang it on a tree.


We provide you with the above decoration methods for your reference. At the same time, you can also give full play to your creativity and imagination to create your exclusive wedding site.


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