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Solar LED Deck Lights -LED Garden Decorative Lights Outdoor Stainless Steel Underground Waterproof Deck Lighting

Solar LED Deck Lights -LED Garden Decorative Lights Outdoor Stainless Steel Underground Waterproof Deck Lighting
  • HK-SL700-6
  • Hanko
Product Description

Powered by solar

Material : Stainless Steel+ABS
Each Deck Light is illuminated by 2 pcs ultra-right LEDs, with Poly-Resin fully covered for waterproof, Spacing is 1.5M, connectable, 6pcs per set, with 2M extension cable, with 5V/160MA remote solar panel, with 3pcs of 1.2V/1000MAH AA batteries.
In the day time it absorbs the Sun Power, and in the            evening or in the dark place it'll give a light up to 6 hours. 
For outdoor use.
Ideal for decorating your garden / house...    
(REMARKS: it's also good for home decoration even           without light.....) 

4cm diameter/ 2.54cm diameter and height 3cm
Solar Panel
3 x AA 1.2V/1000MAH rechargeable Battery
2 pcs ultra-right LEDs

How your Solar Powered Fixture Works

During the day, the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and recharges the battery . At night, the light turns on   automatically using the electricity stored during that day. The number of hours the light stays on depends on your         geographical location, weather conditions and seasonal sunlight availability. Place the solar light fixture in an area       where it can receive direct sunlight for at least 8 hours each day. Shadowed locations will not allow the battery to          charge fully and will reduce the hours of nighttime lighting. The selected location should not be near nighttime light      sources, such as porch lights, street lights or pool lights , as these may cause the solar light to turn off prematurely.

How to use your solar deck light

•Position your solar panel in a location where it can receive maximum exposure to sunlight during the day.
•The light can be positioned anywhere within the cable radius.
•DO NOT position your solar panel in a location that is covered or shaded, e.g. beneath trees or brushes. Otherwise the battery within unit will not be fully charged, causing a shorter duration of light at night.
•Ensure that the switch on the back of the solar panel is in the ON position. The switch must be ON in order to convert sunlight to stored power.
•Keep the solar panel clean by regularly wiping it with a damp cloth. A dirty panel will reduce the unit's ability to absorb sunlight and charge the batteries. 
•When pushing the solar panel stake into the ground, hold it around the base. DO NOT push from the top of the unit.
•The duration of emitted light will be longer when there are longer daylight hours and sunnier skies. However, it will be shorter when days are shorter and weather is cloudier.
The lights turn on automatically at dusk when the solar panel is positioned in a location where a different bright shines on it e.g. from porch light and street lamp.

Installation Tips

1. Drill 1" diameter holes onto the surface that you want to place the lights. Be sure that the holes are not spaced too far apart so that the wires will still be able to reach from light to light.
2. Disconnect the lights from each other, by unscrewing the joint cover between each light and pulling them apart.

3. Insert each light through the hole by feeding the two wires through then pushing the light fixture firmly into place until it fits tightly against the deck surface( see illustration below). .

4. After the lights are in place, reconnect the solar panel and each light by plugging them into each other and screwing the joint covers into place.

Battery Replacement

• The battery should be replaced when a shorter than normal operating time is detected despite the solar panel receiving a full 8 hour charge in direct sunlight.
• Remove the old battery and replace with new AA size 1.2V rechargeable battery.
• Always replace all three batteries at the same time.
• DO NOT recharge non rechargeable batteries.



Powered by solar, no pollution!!!


Suitable for garden and pathway decoration.

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