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Solar Iron Waterlily solar colour Lotus-solar lantern metal solar outdoor light solar decoration garden light

Solar Iron Waterlily solar colour Lotus-solar lantern metal solar outdoor light solar decoration garden light
  • HK-SL600-H-B
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Product Description

Powered by solar

Solar Iron Waterlily solar colour Lotus-solar lantern metal  solar outdoor light solar decoration garden light

Material : Metal (Frame) + Glass "crack" ball

In the day time it absorbs the Sun Power, and in the            evening or in the dark place it'll give a flickering light            (similar like the real candle light effect) up to 6 hours light. 
For outdoor use.
Ideal for decorating your garden / table / house...    
(REMARKS: it's also good for home decoration even            without light.....)  


Metal (Frame) + Glass "crack" ball

Dia 27.6x 12cm height
Solar Panel
1 x AAA 1.2V/300MAH rechargeable Battery
1pc flickering Yellow LED

How your Solar Powered Fixture Works

During the day, the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and recharges the battery . At night, the light turns on   automatically using the electricity stored during that day. The number of hours the light stays on depends on your         geographical location, weather conditions and seasonal sunlight availability. Place the solar light fixture in an area       where it can receive direct sunlight for at least 8 hours each day. Shadowed locations will not allow the battery to          charge fully and will reduce the hours of nighttime lighting. The selected location should not be near nighttime light      sources, such as porch lights, street lights or pool lights , as these may cause the solar light to turn off prematurely.

How to use the product for the first time

Take out the solar light from package carefully, move the switch on the bottom side of the candle into the position ON.
This solar light is designed for outdoor use. It may for example be placed in garden in a sunny place.
The light must not stand in the water and must not be lighted by means of a lighter or similar device.
Attention: It is absolutely required to make sure that the light has a solid footing due to the metal body,
Please also pay attention to possibly occurring winds.

Battery Replacement

NOTE : This operation should be done in the morning on a sunny day.
This will allow the lantern to receive a full 8 hours of sunlight so that the rechargeable battery can reach maximum        capacity.
• Move the switch at the bottom to OFF position.
• Unscrew the 4 screws on the battery compartment at the bottom of the light and remove the cover.
• Remove the old battery and replace with a new AAA size 1.2V rechargeable battery of same or greater capacity (mAh).
Note: Clean the battery contacts and those of the device prior to battery installation.
•Reinsert the battery cover and tighten the 4 screws.


• Safe for outdoor operation.
• Failure to insert battery in the correct polarity, as indicated in the battery compartment, may shorten the life of the        battery or cause battery to explode orleak.
• Do not dispose of batteries infire.
• Batteries should be recycled or disposed of as per manufacturer's recommendations.
• Remove battery if consumed or if product is to be left unused for a long period.



Powered by solar, solar panel inside the glass ball,  no pollution!!!


Sits on any place, can put on the table,or can be hung         using the integrated hanging hoop.


No wiring, simple install and enjoy. NO operating costs


Suitable for garden, home and table decoration, even          without light.

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