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Get a free sample from Hanko

Have interest in our creative products? Why not request a free sample from us right now ? Never place an order by just seeing a picture. It's always a good way to check the samples carefully before you make any official business. Only when you receive our samples, could you see and compare the real quality / finish of our products.

1. Send us the sample information

2. Check the sample details

Please send us the information of the samples request.
We will check with you the details of the sample, in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

3. Samples preparing

Once get your approval of the samples details, we'll start preparing the samples immediately, and will try to get it ready in soonest time.

4. Samples' checking / packing / sending

We'll check the quality of the samples, and then pack the samples safely / correctly, and then send out the samples to you.

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