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About Hanko:Your Expert Light Products Supplier

We are the leading manufacturer of garden lantern lights in China, with the 20+ years of manufacturing / quality control / designing experience, with 15000+ square meters of production / warehousing area, and having 200+ skillful workers in our factory. With our strong creative development team, we’re the first designer / manufacturer of many different Solar Lanterns, Solar Pendants, Solar Candles, Solar Lights in the world, gaining lots of patents in China. As a CE / ISO9001 / BSCI approved factory, we are widely accepted by and cooperated with Garden Centers / DIY Stores / famous Wholesalers from North American and European markets, with a good reputation worldwide for our quality and design. Our philosophy is, Quality, Responsibility, and Service. We only produce fine quality products. Please contact us today to get more information about our garden lights.
Skillful Workers
Quality Products
Quality Certification
Years of Experience

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Why Hanko is Trusted by 1000+ Global Importers?

Real Factory / Manufaturer

We are a real factory / manufacturer, ever since 2001. And we have Plastic Injection Workshop, Metal Workshop, Electronics Workshop, Assembling Workshop, and Packing Workshop, and with a large Warehouse.

Different in Product Design

We are always trying to be different from the other regular factories, we focus more on new items designing, having a strong & creative team. Each year, we develop more than 100 new items.Tailor-made designs are welcome.

Different in Quality Control

We only produce fine quality products. We are always trying to be different from the other regular factories, we focus more on strict quality control. And our products are widely accepted and trusted by various customers such as Costco, Target, CTC, QVC etc….

21+ Years' Experience

We have over 21 years' experience of producing / quality control and exporting business.

Complete Qualification

We gain many of the necessary certificates & qualification, such as CE, ROHS, ISO9001, BSCI etc., our products could enter different countries / markets smoothly, especially in North American countries and European countries.

Advanced Patents

For many brand new items, we have patents (Utility Model patent, and Design patent) in China, which could protect us and our clients from copying.

Part of Our Clients

What My Clients Say?


Why choose Hanko Solar Rattan Lanterns?

Nowadays people are getting used to the solar rattan lanterns in the market, they can see and buy and enjoy many different types of solar rattan lanterns in different stores or in internet to decorate their gardens, and they do not see anything special. However, things were quite different 11 years

A few tips when your solar light can’t work properly

If you have garden or open-air balcony, you may choose solar lights to embellish them. Because of covid, we have more time to stay in home, then your garden should be a good place for leisure. Good quality garden lights can be with you for a long time, please see below solar lights which have sold

Why choose solar decorative lights to decorate your garden?

With the development of economy and society, solar energy has become a major trend. Today, almost every household is using solar energy products, such as solar decorative lights. Why do more and more people choose solar decorative lights to decorate their gardens?

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With our experience, innovation, integrity, and professional attitude, we are determined to continuously serve our customers’ need and expectations.


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