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Solar Powered Lamp
    • Solar Powered Lamp
    • Solar Powered Lamp
    • Solar Powered Lamp
    • Solar Powered Lamp
    • Solar Powered Lamp
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Size:dia11x11cm height( net height is 4.5cm, total height is 11cm)
Solar panel:  2V/80MA
Battery: 1 x AA 500MAH rechargeable battery
LED: OFF + warm white +  RGB switch

During the day the solar panel converts sunlight to an electrical current that charges the battery in your solar light. A sensor that is located in the solar panel detects the sunlight and prevents the light operating during daylight. At night the energy stored in the battery powers the LED to provide illumination.

Your solar light will normally illuminate for 6-8 hours during the night. The shorter hours of daylight during Winter or overcast cloudy conditions can reduce the amount of charge that the battery receives and hence reduce operating hours.

For outdoor use, ideal for decorating your garden path / garden deck / table ...  


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